About Us

Caring for Your Health, One Patient at a Time: Welcome to Samaritana Medical Clinic, your trusted healthcare provider in Los Angeles. Our dedicated team of experienced medical professionals is committed to delivering personalized care and comprehensive services to improve your well-being.

Transforming Lives, Inspiring Compassion

Philosophy: Our philosophy is rooted in the biblical tradition of the Samaritan, embracing the idea that all individuals we encounter are our neighbors. We are committed to embodying mercy at every step of the way.

Our Values:

  • Passion

    We are driven by a deep sense of purpose to make a positive impact on the overall health and well-being of our patients. Our passion fuels our efforts to bring about meaningful change.
    Transforming lives and promoting the health and well-being of our senior adults and disabled patients is our primary focus. We strive to empower them to live healthy, meaningful lives.

  • Caring

    We extend compassionate and high-quality care to every patient and their families, ensuring they receive the kindness and support they need.


We are dedicated to performing our duties with the utmost skill and potential. Our intentions are to provide the best possible care to all patients, regardless of their ability to pay.


We demonstrate respect through both our words and actions. We recognize the inherent value of every life, considering each individual as important as ourselves.


We uphold honesty and transparency in all our interactions. Our commitment to integrity builds trust and fosters a strong foundation for our relationships.