Samaritana Medical Clinic
West 7th Street

West 7th Street

Step into Samaritana Medical Clinic on West 7th Street, LA, CA, where 15 years of steadfast commitment converge with your health aspirations. Our core objective is crystal clear: deliver outstanding healthcare services seamlessly blending family practice and urgent care. Upholding the pinnacle of care standards, we breathe life into our dedication through hassle-free same-day appointments and economical services, ensuring a seamless path to consultations, treatments, and physical examinations.

Samaritana Medical Clinic places your health odyssey at the forefront. Our solemn promise is to provide personalized and empathetic care, placing your well-being as the top priority. Enthusiastically, we embrace the opportunity to stand with you and your family, fortifying our enduring commitment to quality healthcare within our community.

Don’t delay; reach out now to schedule your appointment. We eagerly look forward to becoming your steadfast healthcare companion.

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Attain optimal health with comprehensive medical care and services at Samaritana.

Samaritana Medical Clinic – West 7th Street

Samaritana Medical Clinic – West 7th Street

2033 West 7th Street, Suite 3, Los Angeles CA. 90057
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