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Welcome to Samaritana Medical Clinic, nestled on East Washington Boulevard, LA, CA, where 15 years of unwavering commitment intersect with your health goals. Our primary objective is clear as day: deliver exceptional healthcare services seamlessly integrating family practice and urgent care. Upholding the zenith of care standards, we infuse vitality into our dedication through convenient same-day appointments and affordable services, paving a smooth route to consultations, treatments, and physical examinations.

At Samaritana Medical Clinic, your health voyage takes center stage. Our solemn commitment is to furnish personalized and compassionate care, with your well-being rightfully prioritized. With great enthusiasm, we seize the opportunity to stand by you and your family, reinforcing our enduring pledge to provide top-notch healthcare within our community.

No need to delay; connect with us now to secure your appointment. We eagerly anticipate the privilege of becoming your unwavering healthcare companion.

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Attain optimal health with comprehensive medical care and services at Samaritana.

Samaritana Medical Clinic – East Washington Boulevard

Samaritana Medical Clinic – East Washington Boulevard

122 East Washington Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90015, Unites States
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